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Creative Nonfiction

"City of Leaves," The Common

"Kea Call," PaperbarkBronze Award in the Animal Encounter category of the Eighteenth Annual Solas Awards, sponsored by Travelers' Tales

"Burrows in the Boneyard," Humans and Nature Press Digital

"Inches," Elsewhere: A Journal of Place

"Bailey," The Loch Raven Review

"To Auckland," TulipTree Review, Issue no. 9 Honorable mention in TulipTree's 2021 Wild Women writing contest

"Guiding Lights," Soft Star Magazine, Issue no. 2



"To Scotts Lane and Beyond," Hometown Poems: A South Fork Country Anthology of Poetry

"Field Notes from Ridley Creek," Last Leaves Magazine, Issue no. 6

"Hedgehog," Moss Puppy Magazine, Issue no. 3

Travel Guides


"Walter Mitty Film Review," Not So Rotten

"Book Review: Flying with the Rich and Famous," Business Travel Life

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